Tangent Technologies

Why Tangent?

Thinking insights, verified driven research, and metrics data help you make the right decisions!

Established in 2012

Bringing the Best Software Solutions to our Clients

Tangent is made up of hard-working, enthusiastic individuals who strive their level best to bring value to any project they work on. Established in 2012, Tangent has been bringing the most optimal, technologically advanced, digital solutions to its clients.

The people who work at Tangent make up a family that is always available to support and help one another. Every project they undertake is treated with equal devotion, fervour, and dedication. At Tangent, innovation is welcomed and thus, before starting off with any project, the team is encouraged to brainstorm and discuss all the possible solutions that they have in their minds. All these solutions are cross checked against the requirements gathered to ensure that the client receives exactly what they asked for. Only when the team has a clear understanding of what they are supposed to deliver, and how they will do it, do they start working on it.

Tangent is an equal opportunity provider supported by a dynamic HR team, striving to bring the best team members onboard after funneling them through a rigorous selection process. With less than 10% turnover, Tangent has proven itself as a lucrative environment for the employees. It’s a great place to work at, and an even better place to top-notch-digital solutions.