Tangent Technologies


Technologies We Offer

Java is a prevalent programming language which is being used by Tangent Technologies, due to its feature to produce software for multiple outlets, for e.g. Windows, Macintosh, and Apple.
Amazon Web services provide Tangent Technologies with on demand cloud computing platforms and APIs to operate. It is a subsidiary of Amazon providing organizations different technical infrastructures and tools.
Microsoft Azure- provides Tangent Technologies with cloud computing services for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services through Microsoft-managed data centers.
Apache Cordova- helps tangent Technologies in creating mobile applications, by providing us with a mobile development framework to use standard web technologies.
Odoo delivers a range of software tools that aid us in development of more software catering the needs of our clients.
Opencart is used by tangent Technologies for establishment of an online store management system, supporting multiple languages and currencies.
Drupal is a platform providing open source web content management framework used by Tangent Technologies to manage its online content.
Jmeter is being used by Tangent Technologies to analyze and assess the performance of its web applications.
Tangent Technologies uses WordPress to create and manage its content related to its operations, making use of themes and templates provided by it.
Bootstrap is a CSS framework focused on responsive, mobile-first front-end web development currently being used by Tangent Technologies to develop its software and applications.
Selenium is used by Tangent Technologies in order to test its website applications by making use of Selenium’s functional test tools. Selenium is easy to use as scripting or programming is not needed in order to test the website applications.
CodeIgniter is an open source platform that helps Tangent Technologies in development of web frameworks. It helps in bringing diversity to the framework to its dynamic features.
React Native is specifically designed to assist in creation of different mobile applications for different platforms like Android and IOS. Tangent Technologies makes use of this mobile application development framework to create its applications.
Android Studio is the official integrated environment designed to cater to the needs of android applications which is being used by Tangent Technologies in order to develop applications specifically to be run on technologies using android operating system.
MySQL is the database used by Tangent Technologies to install cloud native applications. It is an open source Relational SQL Database Management System.
Adobe Photoshop is the software that we use in order to design and edit graphics. With its high range of features and functions it is best suited for us