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Digital Marketing Services

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Digital Marketing Services

Tangent offers complete digital marketing services to its clients. This includes, social media marketing, SEO services, paid campaigns, social page advertisements, and email marketing services. Tangent’s digital marketing team ensures that you reach your target audience and attin your business goals. Our digital marketing services involve, but are not limited to:


Competitive Analysis

We identify the strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities from the digital marketing perspective. We find out the gaps in the market and find ways for you to get ahead of your competition. Our recommendations to improve your online presence are custom made and are designed to boost your performance.


Content Marketing

In the marketing world, content is king. We help in attracting, acquiring and engaging your audience by publishing and distributing valuable content. Blog Posts, E-newsletters, landing pages, social media posts, etc. help in the growth of your organization. We have expert writers that can help in the growth of your business.


Email Marketing Campaigns

Do you want a cost-effective way for your business to grow? There’s no better way than email marketing for it! We have professional email marketers that can help in the growth of your business and increase your customer base. Email campaigns especially stand out for B2B businesses.


Social Media Marketing

Most adults, in today’s world, have at least one social media profile. Hours and hours are spent on social media sites daily. This is what makes it the perfect platform for the growth of businesses. Social media marketing campaigns need to be executed with finesse and mastery. Thankfully, we have experts on our team. From facebook, to twitter, to instagram, to pinterest, we will make your business visible on every platform!



We help you in stepping up your digital marketing game by providing services like SEO and PPC that are essential to grow your brand and boost your revenue. We have SEO and SEM experts on our team that will improve your brand visibility and derive conversion.