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Custom Software Development

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Custom Software Development

Tangent provides high quality, cost-effective, bugfree, secure and reliable software services that match our client’s specific needs, budget and timeline. The software we develop matches our client’s vision, and goals. Our experts can develop custom web applications, custom mobile applications, custom ERP solutions, and many other digital solutions.

How do we do it?
Understanding the Business Requirements

Clients tell us of their needs, desired functionalities, their business goals, and we build their software solutions accordingly. All our software is secure, bug-free, scalable and with optimal user experience.

In-Depth Discussion

We hold in-depth discussion between our clients and developers to ensure that all the requirements are crystal clear and doable. Short and long term desires of client’s projects are marked.

Requirement Analysis

Our designers and developers review any hidden requirements in your existing codebase, if there exists one. It is important for us to understand your existing software to assure the project success. Each and every requirement is analyzed one by one.



Our team works with our client to make a plan of all the development phases that meet goals and timeline.

Software Testing

After the development phase is complete, to ensure that the software is working flawlessly, our Software Quality Engineers thoroughly test the software.