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Life at Tangent

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Life at Tangent

Healthy Workplace Environment

At Tangent, we cultivate an environment of collaboration, sharing and positivity. To improve employee interactions, we have central break areas so people  can get up and moving, interact with their fellow employees and remain active throughout the day. We encourage employees to be hospitable, fair and friendly with one another.

Open Door Policy

At Tangent, we have an open door policy. This means that employees can walk in the top management and CEO’s room at any time, and discuss whatever they want. The purpose is to encourage open communication, get appropriate feedback, and allow discussions about any matter of importance to an employee.

A Place to Rest

At Tangent, we acknowledge that working for 8 hours can be exhausting on some days. So, we have beds, bean bags and couches in our office for our employees to relax and rejuvenate. Employees can take breaks or even work in the most convenient manner, away from their office desks.

Workshops and Talks

At Tangent, we believe in constant growth and innovation. Therefore, every Friday we hold WoW Talks in which a motivational speaker or a field expert delivers a through provoking, encouraging and interesting talk.


At Tangent, we know the importance of a healthy mind. All work and no play is not something we encourage. We celebrate national days, international events, employee birthdays with zeal and enthusiasm. Furthermore, we arrange annual trips to improve employee bonding and freshen up minds.